Today has been a watershed of understanding in why I have such a damn hard time writing online these days. From my ever-inspiring friend Diana Kimball knocking out the fully crystalized prose versions of the amorphous ideas sloshing around in my noggin’, to my other good friend nickd running an ax straight down the issue in his inaugural hand-spun post just like in the good ol’ days. I’m too caught up in software! I spend all this time in templating languages that prevent me from ever getting around to creating! Horse shit!

In the immediately memorable words of my other dear friend Swifty, “fuck the long tail, I want the mouth to bite me.”


I caught word of this printed essay by Bringhurst over at I Love Typography the other day and pretty much instantly bought the crap out of it. It’s a short essay, only 69 pages, but it’s a cohesive look at the nature of language, writing and the ways in which they convey and suggest meaning. The printing is out of this world, the cover itself is a soft texture with letterforms pressed in that invite you to trace them with your finger and feel the palpable characteristics of their parent languages. The coyly curved Q, the classical firmness of the Б, the geometry of the ᐄ, the eloquent statesmanship of the Υ.


Your daily Wikipedia-found “huh!” moment:

Class dismissed!


For all the hoopla surrounding McCain’s 4, 7, 8, umpteen houses, you have to take a step back and think about the big picture behind this hair splitting. Certainly ol’ John’s handling of the question was dumb as rocks, but the useless question being bandied around is “which multi-millionaire politician has the more posh life?” And you know… this just doesn’t even matter. What does matter are their plans for breathing life back into our mortally wounded economy and you’re not going to find that out in how many houses they own (though this will help).


Every once in a while a surrealist bomb is published by an other straight-laced group. Today the Guardian delivers with Medium Lobster’s look at US vice president candidates. Now, say what you will about lobsters capable of transcending space and time, but I feel that even though this is Medium Lobster’s first and only article, his critical examination of the likes of Biden, Pawlenty, Galactus, Eater of Worlds, Dick Cheney and more is very astute and hard hitting.

For a less arthropodian take, NPR’s analysis is wise. Me? Just give me Richardson for hirsute awesomeness and Giuliani for schadenfreude-based glee.