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+ Sat, July 24


Phil in the Daring Fireball T

My Daring Fireball T-shirt arrived today.  It’s quite daring.  Like a fireball.

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1 → Brendan  –  (Jul 24 2004,  7:46 PM)


2pd  –  (Jul 25 2004,  1:35 AM)

You people need to remind me to shave before I pose for the entire world next time.  Such a savage, I.

3Shane Cavanaugh  –  (Jul 25 2004,  2:18 AM)

Mr. Dokas is a hardcore Apple nerd. Hardcore.

4pd  –  (Jul 25 2004,  2:25 AM)

You forgot well-dressed.  Well-dressed.

5 → jessi  –  (Jul 25 2004,  1:31 PM)

it seems to me more nerdy to know why that shirt is nerdy than to be personally sporting it…
nice shirt with a star on it, phil :P

6 → skippy  –  (Jul 26 2004,  9:52 AM)

i like the daring fireball, but would someone explain to me what it means?

7pd  –  (Jul 26 2004, 10:22 AM)

> i like the daring fireball, but would someone explain to me what it means?

Daring Fireball is probably the best independent Mac journalism site out there.  It’s run solely by John Gruber and it excels in one thing: the best damn Mac news you can find.  He’s sharper than a fresh sword and cuts faster than greased lightning.

The shirt is part of the membership push he initiated shortly ago.  There are very few sites I’d even consider paying for and even fewer that I would actually donate to.  Daring Fireball might just be the most likely one out of them all.

8Debashis  –  (Jul 27 2004,  9:01 AM)

Thanks for the clarification, Phil…us non-nerds had no idea what the hell everyone was excited about…It is a good-looking shirt.

9Jeffrey J. Hoover  –  (Aug  2 2004,  4:53 PM)

Got mine. Not sure when as I’ve been on vacation fo the last week, but it was here when I got in this morning!


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