¤ jetless heights

+ Mon, May  9

Han Solo frozen in Legonite

+ Wed, May  4

Beautiful photo essay of Hubble’s top 10 discoveries – Courtesy of National Geographic via kottke

+ Tue, May  3

Stephen Colbert to get his own TV show

+ Wed, April 27

Outstanding story of, yes, the Post-It Note

+ Tue, April 26

How to make a Coin Ring
Excessively creepy pictures of an abandoned amusement park

+ Fri, April 22

→ Evilness afoot: RIAA extorting copyright infringers! – And those bastards at Comcast are with them hand-in-hand!
2005 Lollapalooza lineup – Walkmen, Arcade Fire, Pixies, Dinosaur Jr. …Weezer, all in Chicago!

+ Tue, April 19

→ Mac users: Tired of Microsoft’s shitty Media Player?  Play WMV files in Quicktime! – Haven’t tried it yet, but man I hope it works well
Details of new Broken Social Scene album (3 albums?) – “Raw fucking puke and love”, my god, yes.

+ Mon, April 18

The most obscenely detailed iTunes hackery I’ve ever read – Puts me to complete shame!

+ Wed, April 13

→ Your tax dollars at work: An Idaho Bill to celebrate Napoleon Dynamite – I shit you not: “WHEREAS, tater tots figure prominently in this film thus promoting Idaho’s most famous export.”

+ Tue, April 12

Will Toby, The Cutest Bunny In The World die on June 30th?  Only you have the power to stop this. – So very, very hilarious wrong.
→ Purgation ends!  OS X 10.4 due on April 29!

+ Mon, April 11

→ What does C stand for, Cookie Monster?  “C Is For Calories”
→ I hate golf as much as the next guy, but, this video is unbelievable.

+ Sun, April 10

One-time Michigan quarterback Tom Brady and Beck on SNL? – Daddy like.

+ Fri, April  8

Sufjan Stevens’ Illinois album tracklist revealed – I shit you not, Track 2 is named: The Black Hawk War, or, How to Demolish an Entire Civilization and Still Feel Good About Yourself in the Morning, or, We Apologize for the Inconvenience But You’re Going to Have to Leave Now, or, “I have fought the Big Knives and will continue to fight them until they are off our lands!”

+ Thu, April  7

→ Yes yes yes!  25 Memories from Sesame Street – Teeny Little Super Guy judo chop!

+ Wed, April  6

An observation about tech support

+ Tue, April  5

→ Paint me silly: Zeldman has a blog!
Stick it to the image hot-linkers with style and guile

+ Mon, April  4

→ The best gets better: NetNewsWire up to 2.0b37 – Nearing completion, outstanding number of polishing touches, synching and tag feeds!

+ Sun, April  3

Cheery video of the tear gassing administered to students at MSU after their loss in the Final Four – I haven’t heard any reports of students being destructive, but I sure have heard of 60+ arrests and, of course, these videos.

+ Fri, April  1

Early Decemberists track surface
Clocky – The alarm clock that rolls off the table and hides itself on the floor when you hit the snooze.

+ Thu, March 31

Presidential Commission finds that US intelligence was “dead wrong” about Iraq before the war – This news, this news, it shocks me!  Startling!  Unexpected!  Soul robbing!
The Safari-extending Saft now lets you reorder Safari’s tabs – If only they were the native tabs in Adium
Stuff like this makes me want to see Sin City all the more – Here kid, have a trailer.
Celebrate the vibrant return of the world’s most hideous automobile!

+ Tue, March 29

Solid writeup from Wired about today’s hearing in the P2P case – Along with an article about the campers outside, including nickd.

+ Mon, March 28

My pal nickd is at the Supreme Court and is blogging the events as the unfold in the landmark Grokster v. RIAA case – It’s honestly not an understatement to say that file-sharing as we know it today hangs in the balance.
→ Polycarbonate is nice and all but, make that iBook fuzzy!

+ Thu, March 24

The true story of the Sosumi sound in System 7 – Turns out it is a taunt to Apple Records afterall!
T.Rex found with soft tissues after 70,000,000 years! – Free registration here.
Gallery of transparent desktop pictures – Very cool effect, must try

+ Wed, March 23

UK nut installs his own art in New York museums – Two of the four pieces are still up!
Scientists finalizing equation that links metabolism and body mass across all species – Among many other physical qualities, it seems.
Wired on The Decemberists and BitTorrent

+ Sun, March 20

Slashdot is moving to XHTML/CSS finafuckenly!

+ Fri, March 18

20% of Windows iPod users bought a Mac in the last year – 43% say they’re thinking about switching in the future – outstanding!

+ Wed, March 16

→ Useful, attractive, feature complete: GoogleX – Google meets OS X’s Dock

+ Tue, March 15

→ Jeremy Bogan, server admin extraordinaire, and his absurdly awesome arcade cabinet – I’ve been following the progress on this for the last year, very interesting read.
Tarantino to release Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair as one movie in US theaters in the next few months
MC COPULATION – There’s not a lot I can say to explain the infinite awesomeness here.  Please try to understand.

+ Fri, March 11

Links (torrents mostly) for the new Star Wars Episode III trailer – Dare I say it?  This actually looks good.
→ Not sure how I missed this but, Nokia and Volkswagon in bed over bluetooth cellphone-car integration. – As a user of both of these companies’ products: Hell yes, bring it on.

+ Thu, March 10

Pacho, the animal rights crusadin’, television starlet Colombian donkey is freed from jail, no longer a suspect in a traffic accident.
Apple joins Blu-Ray Disc Association Board – 25GB per disc, mm mm mm.
Every Calvin & Hobbes ever, ordered by date

+ Wed, March  9

Fantastic satire at Engadget about the state of cellular technology and Motorola
The Israeli Army automatically gives low security clearance to troops who have played D&D.

+ Tue, March  8

Death Star located and featured on today’s NASA pic of the day

+ Sat, March  5

Google does weather?  Google does weather. – And of course, retrievable by SMS.

+ Fri, March  4

To apply this G5 clock hack or not? – I must say, white blïnkenlights would look damn awesome.
Using the new motion sensor in the latest Powerbooks for computer control – Rock left, previous song, rock right, next song.  Brilliant.
Flirting via iTunes music sharing

+ Wed, February 23

A 51mb version of the Hitchhiker’s Guide To the Galaxy trailer

+ Tue, February 22

Masochist listens to Abba’s Dancing Queen for an entire roadtrip, videotapes insanity – He made it a lot farther than I would’ve.  I would’ve crossed the median and plowed into a semi after listen 3 or 4.

+ Mon, February 21

Amazing 3M advertisement

+ Sun, February 20

The ancient Kris Kross site is absolutely priceless – Be sure to read their words of wisdom on mackin’.

+ Thu, February 17

Microsoft demystifies the scary world of “leet speak” 4 j00!!#^& – w00t, now I know what all the /<ewl kidz |2 saying
Escher’s “Relativity” done with Lego’s

+ Wed, February 16

Google Cheat Sheet – Handy
Panic releases Transmit 3 – And lordy lordy lordy is it ever awesome.
An actual Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy trailer – Why on earth (har har) is it on Amazon?

+ Tue, February 15

The official opt-out page for all those free credit mailings everyone gets – It’s completely legit, they offer a permanent opt-out and the trees will love you for it.
The relation between Fight Club and Calvin & Hobbes – Also from Metaphilm:
Is The Big Lebowski a reading of Buddhism? – Very insightful, just get past the sit-ins noise.

+ Mon, February 14

→ Ask MetaFilter: Life-altering experiences – With the good, the bad and the ugly.

+ Fri, February 11

Outrageously Orwellian MPAA take over of the popular LokiTorrent site – Boing Boing has good coverage.
Very cool interactive Java chart of baby names over time

+ Wed, February  9

How to build that grass couch you’ve always wanted

+ Tue, February  8

What’s so bad about Napster To Go? – You rent the music and if you don’t pay, those hundreds of dollars of songs you’ve collected stop working.
Google Maps – Mapquest who?
The blog of Gram Lebron from Rogue Wave – New album in September, rumor has it.

+ Mon, February  7

The Register on why Napster’s new “revolutionary” music subscription service is a bunch of hooey – And good riddance, these guys are doomed with misguidance.

+ Sun, February  6

Very cool zombie simulation app – Useless, but awesome.

+ Sat, February  5

Your criss-cross lacing is so old hat.

+ Fri, February  4

Interesting method for creation of a personal and dynamic radio station in iTunes
Scientists claim they found all that missing matter – huzzah!  The “heat death” scenario always bummed me out

+ Wed, February  2

View the iTunes-Pepsi Superbowl commercial early – It’s a lot better than that ridiculous mess from last year

+ Tue, February  1

101 Things To Which You Can Compare Interpol Besides Joy Division

+ Mon, January 31

→ Feeling scorned by Pitchfork’s resistance to RSS?  Scorn back!
Grandma Eats Cannibis – Coming to a bookstore near you

+ Sun, January 30

Party Til You Start Freaking Out

+ Sat, January 29

Monkeys pay for monkey porn – What monkey business!  Always monkeying around!

+ Wed, January 26

The list of unusual articles on Wikipedia – I would’ve figured it’d be about 10 times longer… (thanks, TMN)
Engadget’s extensive guide on how to turn your Mac mini into a personal media server
A torrent of 165 Apple commercials – 800mb worth!

+ Mon, January 24

C-3P0’s - A New Force At Breakfast – This is one of the most marvelous things I’ve ever seen on the internet.  Commercial at the bottom of the page!
The legendary video of the intro of the Macintosh surfaces after 21 years to the day – Absolutely amazing clip, much talked of and rarely seen before Kottke has a list of mirrors for the video.
→ Jan 24: The worst day of this year – Check out how the picture looks like hung bodies on first glance, nice touch, BBC!

+ Sun, January 23

Brilliant critique (with visually astounding touch-ups) of the crappy characters in The Polar Express – Be sure to see how one man with Photoshop added such visual weight and life to screen shots of this multi-million dollar movie.

+ Sat, January 22

The Boy Who Pierced His Labia – When this was written about 4 years ago I laughed so hard I cried.  Spread the word.
→ Term 2, Day 1:“Condi, get NASA on the phone, tell them to kill that stupid Hobbes Space Telephone thing immediately!”

+ Thu, January 20

Canadian loony invents x-ray vision; kills hand.

+ Mon, January 17

iTunes-Pepsi promo again? – Here’s hoping!
→ Bill Gates in 1983: “Ooh baby, let me toss my floppy at you!”

+ Sat, January 15

Wired interviews Monster (Delicious Library authors) – Check out the talk about Version 2 and its sharing!