¤ jetless heights

+ Fri, August 27

Dept. of Homeland Security’s brand of fear, uncertainty, doubt – I do not understand why more comparisons of the Bush Admin. to 1984 haven’t gotten publicized.

+ Wed, August 25

→ NYTimes: Will Ferrel & political comedy
JibJab proves This Land belongs to you and me

+ Tue, August 24

Altec Lansing debuts a new portable iPod-based stereo – Very swanky
→ For the obsessive: banner ads and pop cans

+ Mon, August 23

My idea for lightning bolt sideburns will take me far – With a very large tip of the hat to Dan Benjamin
Please, someone, don’t let this man write any more movies
History of timing at the Olympics – Hat tip, jkottke
Dave Shea offers up good techniques for IE/PC’s PNG shortcomings
Pitchfork has the scoop on The Decemberists
“The vast majority of consumers are unaware that an Apple iPod digital music player only plays proprietary iTunes files” – A shining example of how the media has suddenly forgotten about those dastardly, music-business-ending, first-sign-of-the-apocalypse MP3’s.  As always, John Gruber puts everyone in their place.
→ Wired: Low wattage electricity bringing coral reefs back to life

+ Sun, August 22

The Scream stolen in front of museum visitors – Hat tip, Jeremy Hedley.

+ Sat, August 21

→ From the Holy Crap, It Is Amazing Files: Dan Benjamin redesigns

+ Thu, August 19

Pat Burke redesigns (reappears) – As always, very subtle and appealing
The Michigan Accent Guide – With special pronunciations here and as you can see, it’s “melk”.

+ Tue, August 17

→ Wired: Real opens their music store – Daring Fireball retorts soundly.

+ Mon, August 16

Zeldman tells of his rockstar past

+ Sun, August 15

Ann Arbor, 8th best city for dating – There are single people in this town?  Where?
Adbar – Bringing ads to Firefox users everywhere!
Mezzoblue redesigns once again – The most beautiful yet, cheers Dave!
The story of Sealand, a sovereign nation of one – This blew my mind.  International waters, the murder of Gianni Versace, German coups!  Glorious!

+ Sat, August 14

IMDB’s 100 Worst Movies list – Hey man, Kazaam ruled.

+ Fri, August 13

The Morning News’ guide to this year’s Olympic Games

+ Thu, August 12

Now that’s a burger
Todd Dominey’s wise advice for web development testing.
iPod vs. Cassette
Copyright Crusader, the anti-piracy ferret, wants you to play it safe in cyber space

+ Wed, August 11

Pluto the dog run over and killed by a Disney float

+ Tue, August 10

Outrageously beautiful aerial photographs
→ Sean O’Keefe, bastard extraordinaire, allows mission to save the Hubble

+ Mon, August  9

World’s most outrageous menu ever – found via kottke

+ Sun, August  8

The Newton Project – The digitized writings of Newton’s lengthy pen, much more than just physics and calculus (amazingly enough)
Clear solar panels – And if the world’s skyscrapers made electricity…

+ Fri, August  6

MT Tabs – Absurdly useful tool for any Movable Type developer
Mac users may not be smarter, but we are better speakerers

+ Wed, August  4

Hilarious world map for fools – It only gets funnier the more you look at it

+ Mon, August  2

→ NYT: Utah, the perfect Genetic Lab – “Mormon genes are hot”

+ Sun, August  1

Steve Jobs underwent pancreatic cancer surgery over the weekend – Send him a well-wishing iCard (steve@apple.com)
Grand Haven, MI is first completely wifi city – “Completely secure computing environment”, heh heh