¤ jetless heights

+ Wed, February 23

A 51mb version of the Hitchhiker’s Guide To the Galaxy trailer

+ Tue, February 22

Masochist listens to Abba’s Dancing Queen for an entire roadtrip, videotapes insanity – He made it a lot farther than I would’ve.  I would’ve crossed the median and plowed into a semi after listen 3 or 4.

+ Mon, February 21

Amazing 3M advertisement

+ Sun, February 20

The ancient Kris Kross site is absolutely priceless – Be sure to read their words of wisdom on mackin’.

+ Thu, February 17

Microsoft demystifies the scary world of “leet speak” 4 j00!!#^& – w00t, now I know what all the /<ewl kidz |2 saying
Escher’s “Relativity” done with Lego’s

+ Wed, February 16

Google Cheat Sheet – Handy
Panic releases Transmit 3 – And lordy lordy lordy is it ever awesome.
An actual Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy trailer – Why on earth (har har) is it on Amazon?

+ Tue, February 15

The official opt-out page for all those free credit mailings everyone gets – It’s completely legit, they offer a permanent opt-out and the trees will love you for it.
The relation between Fight Club and Calvin & Hobbes – Also from Metaphilm:
Is The Big Lebowski a reading of Buddhism? – Very insightful, just get past the sit-ins noise.

+ Mon, February 14

→ Ask MetaFilter: Life-altering experiences – With the good, the bad and the ugly.

+ Fri, February 11

Outrageously Orwellian MPAA take over of the popular LokiTorrent site – Boing Boing has good coverage.
Very cool interactive Java chart of baby names over time

+ Wed, February  9

How to build that grass couch you’ve always wanted

+ Tue, February  8

What’s so bad about Napster To Go? – You rent the music and if you don’t pay, those hundreds of dollars of songs you’ve collected stop working.
Google Maps – Mapquest who?
The blog of Gram Lebron from Rogue Wave – New album in September, rumor has it.

+ Mon, February  7

The Register on why Napster’s new “revolutionary” music subscription service is a bunch of hooey – And good riddance, these guys are doomed with misguidance.

+ Sun, February  6

Very cool zombie simulation app – Useless, but awesome.

+ Sat, February  5

Your criss-cross lacing is so old hat.

+ Fri, February  4

Interesting method for creation of a personal and dynamic radio station in iTunes
Scientists claim they found all that missing matter – huzzah!  The “heat death” scenario always bummed me out

+ Wed, February  2

View the iTunes-Pepsi Superbowl commercial early – It’s a lot better than that ridiculous mess from last year

+ Tue, February  1

101 Things To Which You Can Compare Interpol Besides Joy Division